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Company introduction
In 1992, Shanghai ZhongMao Food Co., Ltd was established, mainly engaged in the distribution of baking ingredients in Shanghai. With the business growth of Zhongmao Food, our clients expanded from simplistic bakery chains to domestic and internatinoanl food corporations like candy factories, cold drink factories and biscuit factories. The baking ingredients we dealt with also expanded to industrial.
In 1998, Shanghai TongXiang Food Co., Ltd was established, mainly manufacturing fillings used in traditional Chinese food. And a corporate system was formed which is based on production and led by trading.
In 2003, Shanghai Wugu International Trading Co., Ltd was founded and obtained the license of import and export, importing high quality food ingredients and chemical products, including dairy products, frozen goods, raw materials of food industry, and leather auxiliaries, etc
In 2007, Hong Kong Trio International Corp was established in Hong Kong, specifically serving export processing companies of multinational corporations in China.
In view of the business development of the company and diversification of product types, Shanghai Trio Food Co., Ltd was established in 2008 to serve the clients better and more professionally by specifically dealing with food ingredients. Since then, the company business has been formally divided into dairy products and chemical products, with Shanghai Trio Food and Shanghai Wugu Trading serving clients from the two different fields respectively.
Wugu will carry on the principle of steady development of Shanghai ZhongMao Food Co., Ltd, and ensure sound progress of the company. Wugu people believe that we will certainly obtain outstanding achievements with our actual strength, wisdom, perseverance and good reputation
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